Find the Most Lucrative Options in CTB Trading

When we think that the market will go up, we buy, and we become “long” according to the specific vocabulary of professional traders. If we think that the market will go down, we sell, and we become “short” according to the accepted expression.

With online trading, you can therefore simply mimic a traditional transaction that takes advantage of rising market prices, but you can also open a position that will take advantage of falling underlying market prices. This is called “selling short”. You can opt for the CTB platform for the perfect brokerage process. You can make use of the Global CTB review for making up your mind.

How to trade online

Now let’s move on to the concrete. In this section, we will indeed detail you step by step how to trade online on a trading platform, taking the example of the online broker eToro. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to find out exactly how to place your very first online trading order.

How to trade in 3 steps

  • Choose an online trading platform
  • Open a trading account
  • Choose a market and financial products
  • Open a trading position

Choose an online trading platform

The choice of a broker and a trading platform is not to be taken lightly. It is often even decisive for beginners in trading. There are many criteria to consider, and there are many choices on the market.

Here are the most important criteria to take into account when choosing a trading platform:

  • Ease of use of the platform
  • Basic and additional functions
  • Regulation and security
  • Transaction fees
  • Ease of deposits and withdrawals
  • Access to trading education (day trading, buying and selling.)

The best site to become a trader

eToro is the easiest trading platform to start and become a trader easily. This broker gives you access to all the different types of assets and financial products mentioned in this guide, and even others. Day trading will become an affordable activity for you.